Course Information


for Cross-Cultural Ministries Department

International Conference on Missions (CCM 100)


This course provides students an opportunity to attend the International Conference on Missions and reflect on their experience in a concrete way in order to gain information regarding the life and ministry of missionaries.

Cross-Cultural Ministry A.A. Field Work (CCM 276)


2 Hours An overview of cross-cultural ministry through the development of an in-field project or area of study in which there is a perceived need. The area of study or project will be mutually agreed upon by the student, Internships Director, and church. For adult learning students only.

History of Christian Missions (CCM 310)


3 Hours A survey of the expansion of Christianity from its beginning to the present time with a special focus on emerging themes and factors which have contributed to its advancement.

Missions Administration (CCM 345)


2 Hours An examination of the administrative theory and practices associated with missionary endeavors with emphasis given to financial, communication, and legal issues in missionary work and life.

New Church Planting (CCM 360)


2 Hours A study of the rationale, skills, and methodologies employed in planting and establishing new churches in various contexts of need.

North America as a Mission Field (CCM 370)


3 Hours An advanced study focusing on the context of the United States as the worlds third largest mission field.

Short-Term Mission Trip Leadership (CCM 400)


3 Hours A guided and experiential study in leading short-term missions trips for student groups. The course will include pre-field planning, administration, fund-raising and finances, relationship building with host missionaries, field work and debriefing. Each student will serve in some leadeship capacity for a short-term trip in the spring following the course work for complete credit.

Advanced Seminar on Mission Theology (CCM 410)


3 Hours A pre-graduate level course in which the principal Biblical texts dealing with mission and evangelism are explored with special emphasis on God's missionary intent throughout the Scripture.

Seminar of Urban Evangelism (CCM 470)


2 Hours Prerequisite: CM 200, SO 270, or SO 290. A seminar discussing the dynamics and specific opportunities and challenges of evangelism in urban areas.

Worldwide Perspectives (CCM 480)


3 Hours Student enrolls in an approved course of Worldwide Perspectives (sponsered by the U.S. Center for World Missions, Pasadena, California) for undergraduate credit.

Reading and Research in Cross-Cultural Ministry (CCM 490)


3 Hours An independent study in which normative literature, both classic and contemporary, will be read and assimilated. Research will be done within a topic with direct relevance to future mission/evangelism work.

Cross-Cultural Min. Internship (CCM 495)


3 Hours A twelve-week practicum on a mission field in which the student studies with a missionary as an observer/particpant in various missionary functions.

Introduction to Linguistics (TSL 220)


3 Hours This course is designed to introduce students to the complexity of human language. The course introduces material in three interrelated units including: the nature of language, the grammatical aspects of language, and the applied areas of language. The course examines how brain and language are related, how language sounds are produced and formed into words and sentences, and how those words and sentences convey meaning. Special subject areas will also be addressed, such as dialect, pragmatics, bilingualism, language acquisition, and language instruction. Throughout the course, the ways in which this course’s content relates to ministry will be addressed.