Course Information


for Family Life Education Department

Family Life Education AA Fieldwork (FLE 276)


2 Hours An overview of family life education through the development of an in-the-field project or area of study in which there is a perceived need. The project or area of study will be mutually agreed upon by the student, Internships Director, and the church. For adult learning students only.

Parent Education and Guidance (FLE 300)


3 Hours This course examines the dynamics of parent-child relationships with an emphasis on how those relationships change over time. Topics include parents' rights and resonsibilities, communication, discpline, guidance, spiritual nurture, parenting by single parents, and step-parenting.

Human Sexuality (FLE 350)


3 Hours This course provides an advanced study of the physiology of human reproduction, the process of sexual response, types of sexual behaviors and dysfunctions, approaches to family planning and sex education, Biblical teaching on sexual issues, and sexual values and decision making.

Family Resource Management (FLE 400)


3 Hours This course focuses on principles and procedures for managing the family's resources of time, money, possessions, and environment. Students will learn how to set goals, make decisions, and solve problems. They will learn how to develop, allocate, conserve,and expend their resources.

Methods of Family Life Education (FLE 425)


3 Hours This course will help in the design of methods to communicate to family members about family life. It will investigate different ways to teach about family, how to lead conferences and groups that focus on family life and how to assess the work being done.

Family Law and Public Policy (FLE 450)


3 Hours This course focuses on aspects of public policy as it relates to family issues, including social services, education,and the economy. It examines family law and the role of the family life professional in public policy and family law. Ethics of family life education will also be discussed.

Family Life Education Internship (FLE 495)


3 Hours A practicum occuring near the end of the program in which the student works under the supervision of a qualified professional in a field related to family life education in order to implement skills and knowledge gained in the classroom. The internship will culminate in a folio of the student's experience. Internship providers often charge an additional fee for providing internship.