Course Information


for History Department

American National Government (GOV 210)


3 Hours A survey of the issues and institutions of the American political system.

State and Local Government (GOV 310)


3 Hours A study of the issues and institutions of American state and local government in the framework of the federal system.

Public Policy Internship (GOV 495)


2 Hours Supervised fieldwork in a public policy setting.

The Reformation (HI 143)


I Hour A historical survey and brief theological examination of the history and beliefs of the Reformation era starting with an overview of the traditional beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, the subsequent corruption in the Church, and the calls for reform through the Reformation era of the sixteenth century to 1603. This is a compressed format class; it begins 04/08/2019 and ends 05/16/19.

Church History (HI 200)


United States History 1 (HI 250)


3 Hours A study of the historical and cultural development of the United States of America beginning with the eras of European exploration and colonization and ending at the conclusion of the Civil War.

Church History (HI 300)


3 Hours This course is a survey of the history of Christianity from its beginning to the Reformation period of the 16th and 17th centuries with a focus on major persons, councils, controversies, and movements of the period that have shaped the Church's development and theology.