Course Information


for Psychology Department

Counseling Theories and Concepts (CO 220)


3 Hours This course will examine all the major counseling theories and concepts and help students to evaluate their merits and identify theories that are congruent with their worldviews, values, and personalities.

Counseling A. A. Fieldwork (CO 276)


2 Hours An overview of counseling ministry through the development of an in-the-field project or area of study in which there is a perceived need. The project or area of study will be mutually agreed upon by the student, Internships Director, and church. For adult learning students only.

Counseling Methods and Procedures (CO 440)


3 Hours A focused study on the methods, procedures, and innovations used in a counseling practice.

Family Counseling (CO 450)


3 Hours A in-depth study of the literture and practice of family therapy along with specific approaches for enrichent and problem solving.

Counseling Practicum (CO 470)


3 Hours An independent study in which the student works with a counselor, social worker psychologist, pastoral counselor, or guidance counselor, in a congregation, Christian institution, or other placement as an observer/participant. * Practicum providers often charge an additional fee for providing internship opportunities.

Crisis Counseling (CO 480)


3 Hours An advanced study of various topics of individuals, couples, and families in moments of crisis with a review of appropriate and effective intervention techniques.

Child and Adolescent Psychology (PY 325)


3 Hours An examination of the issues related to the assessment and treatment of behavior problems of children and adolescents along with helpful therapeutic methods.

Social Psychology (PY 330)


3 Hours Prerequisite: PY 150 A study of how human beings operates within a social context and the experimental research that contributes to an understanding of their social development.

Psychology of Personality (PY 340)


3 Hours Prerequisite: PY 150 A study of psychological findings about the human personality, major personality theories, and experimental research into personality processes.

Abnormal Psychology (PY 350)


3 Hours Prerequisite: PY 150. A study of the major mental disorders with special attention given to psychoneuroses and psychoses, along with possible factors contributing to those conditions.

Psychological Tests and Measurement (PY 360)


3 Hours A focused study of the assessment of human character and performance. Standardized testing instruments will be studied and evaluated. Emphasis on interpretation of test along with their validity and reliability will be discussed. Instruction in the administration, scoring, and interpretation of assissment tools will also be provided. The testing instruments studied will include a focus on intelligence, personality, achievement, aptitude, and vocational testing. Other tests will also be explored.